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Frequently asked questions

How is a Havefundy video linked to a donation page?

When ordering a Havefundy video, participants will be prompted to paste the URL link of their current donation page into the submission form. Our team uses this link to make the video clickable (under the video), connecting viewers with the specific donation page of each participant.

The most exciting feature of Havefundy is that at the end of the video, viewers are automatically taken to the participant's specific donation page!

How does video footage of our event get added?

Havefundy works directly with nonprofits to incorporate footage from their past events. Let us know if your organization is interrested in partnering with us!

Where can a Havefundy video be shared?

Havefundy videos can be viewed and shared from any device, whether it's a Phone, Tablet, or Computer. They can be sent in text messages, through emails or on social media. Participants can supercharge their fundraising no matter what platform your organization is currently using! Havefundy works with gofundme, classy, fundly, and all other fundraising platforms.

How can a Havefundy video help my nonprofit raise more money?

A Havefundy video is a quick way for participants to get their message out there in a world with a decreasing attention span.

A Havefundy video makes it easier for participants to share thier passion for your cause with their networks and beyond, AND - it makes giving extremely simple for donors. With one click of a button, they are brought directly to the particpants donation page.
Havefundy also makes it very easy for family and friends of the participants to spread the word with thier networks also, giving your organization access to an entirely new arena of potential donors.

Does Havefundy collect data?

Havefundy does not collect any data beyond what we need for the Havefundy video order submission, and we will never sell data. We don’t track - or even have access to any fundraising data within organizations.

How does Havefundy differ from other fundraising platforms?

Havefundy isn’t another fundraising platform. It is a video tool to use along with your current fundraising platform. It is the missing link that allows a participant to share their personal story, then automatically brings viewers to the participant's specific donation page!
Havefundy works with gofundme, classy, fundly, and all other fundraising platforms.

Is Havefundy really free for nonprofits?

Yes! We only ask that you spread the word about our servcice to your participants. By keeping our service free for organizations, we can help put more money into great causes. We charge a small one time fee to individuals creating a Havefundy video, that will help them reach more people, more effectvly and easier than they have ever been able to.

Havefundy is the only video tool that empowers fundraising participants to quickly spread the word about great causes - and increase donations.

Can an organization obtain thier participant's submission video file or the final edited video?

The business model of Havefundy does not allow us to provide either type of video file, outside of our current online hosted player.

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